What would it be life if…

What would it be like if the institutions of the church committed themselves to sitting in the silence, and waiting upon God? Imagine the General Synod of the Anglican Church in Australia (for example!) sitting in silence, waiting upon God for 30 minutes each morning and afternoon.

It’s easy to get seduced by the busyness of life, and forget to be with God – it happens to me. It’s easy to get busy with the things of God, even, and forget to be with the reason for their very existence. This happens to churches, too, where there is, increasingly, a pressure to do more, to serve more, especially with the erosion of other community services. And the serving is important – but let’s not forget to be with God prayerfully. “They will know that we’re Christians by our love”: a line from a chorus. God is love, and love flows from God. When we’re in relationship with God, God’s love can be expressed to others by our action and by our giving to them. We give to them because they’re our brothers and sisters, and because they are, for us, Christ. Our service needs to be undergirded and covered by prayer. While not everyone can actively serve, everyone can pray. I was touched the other day by an older woman who observed to me that she wasn’t able, anymore, to work actively. But, she noted, she can bring the works of the parish community to God in prayer.

Joan Chittister OSB wrote:

“We are to be people who see the globe through eyes softened by the gospel. We are to see change and challenge in life as God’s voice in our ears.” (The Rule of Benedict – Insights for the Ages)


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