Thoughts about the Burnley Tunnel accident

Photograph from the Burnley Tunnel incident

The accident today in the Burnley Tunnel, through which I’ve travelled without thought or incident so many times is a stark reminder of the uncertainty of life. This was something I was forced to come to terms with and understand following my involvement in a murder several years ago, and also the tragic death of my brother Brian. As human beings, particularly in a complex society, we have a need to put a veneer of predictability and certainty onto life, in order to function, survive and interact with others. The reality is, as those who face tragedy and tragic incidents know, is that life is uncertain and what was previously taken to be stable can suddenly become tenuous in a second.

My thoughts are with those affected by the accident today, particularly those who lost loved ones, those who were injured, those who were involved in the accident, and the police and emergency workers who dealt so ably with the horrors of the situation. May we have compassion on those who will have blame apportioned onto them.


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