Back in hospital tomorrow

I go back into hospital tomorrow for five days, and it seems likely that I’ll be out of internet communication during that time. I organised a pre-paid dialup account, and a phone card to use in order to access said account, and it seems that the phone card won’t dial the dial-in number! This is mildly frustrating, but in the large scheme of things, not serious. I can continue to write these things and upload them when I get out of hospital.

This cycle of chemotherapy is methotrexate and cytarabine, with some folinic acid to reverse the worst effects of the methotrexate. I’m also having rituxamab as an outpatient.

One of the main things about hospital, for me, is being bored. When I was in last time I didn’t feel sick enough for time to pass quickly. I read, watched stuff on the computer, and so on, but time did drag. I’m a poor sleeper, too, and the combination of the routine, the noise, the light and the bed meant I didn’t sleep well. Drugs are available for that, of course.

I suppose being in hospital is a good opportunity to chill a bit. Read, write, pray, study and so on. I took lots of books I didn’t read last time – perhaps I’ll read more this time.

Getting organised to go into hospital is a challenge. There is the normal sort of organisation – enough socks, underpants, pyjamas, and that sort of stuff. Then there is getting things done before I go – writing the letters that won’t be done unless I do them now, paying the bills, writing emails, organising contingency plans in case I’m too sick to do things when I get out. Then there’s organisation of stuff that I can’t do because I’ll be in hospital. This chiefly relies on a friend, Marj, who is being so generous with her time, energy and patience. She will baby-sit our dogs while Peter is away on Tuesday and Wednesday, because when they went to the kennels last time it cost $200 for 3 days. Ouch. I’m sure they would prefer being at home with Auntie Marj in any case.

My oblate brothers and sisters in Sydney will be meeting while I’m in hospital on Saturday, and I’m hoping to be able to carve out time to spend in unity meditating and praying with them. Sunday is Palm Sunday, and I’ll go to the Eucharist in the Peter MacCallum chapel (unless I’m IV-free, in which case I may see if I can escape and go to St Peter’s Eastern Hill).


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