Hospital – 31 March 2007

While this probably won’t be posted until I’m discharged, I’ll write something.

I feel hot, sweaty and a bit crap. I was admitted yesterday at 3pm, and by 10pm I was febrile and had a urinary tract infection (probably), which made urination painful and bloody and very urgent. Blood cultures overnight, and today, and so on. I started on IV antibiotics this morning. The consensus is that it is best to press on with the methotrexate, which is the colour of Passiona soft drink. I’ve had one two-hour flask, and am now about half-way through a 24-hour flask. I had a chest x-ray this afternoon too, but I doubt there will be much on it. I don’t feel like I have a chest infection, and certainly don’t have a productive cough, or in fact any cough.

Hospital is OK, except that the methotrexate is making me nauseated, so I don’t have much appetite today. I had a milkshake for lunch, which was much more palatable than the roast turkey (yuck). Tea still tastes good.

The haematology registrar, Michael, seems good. He’s thorough, friendly, and approachable. There is a slightly odd consultant, Max Wolf, who seems disinclined to actually communicate with me, so I am disinclined to communicate with him. Which makes it fun when he comes in for rounds. He pretends I’m not here, I pretend he’s not, which makes him notice me and want to communicate. Not that there’s much to communicate about.

I’ve been praying the office, which punctuates the day, and keeps me mindful. I haven’t been able to meditate today – too tired and not recollected. I will try later. We’re finishing up the eschatological section of Luke’s gospel in the morning readings, and are almost at the Passover in Exodus. Readings has us working through Hebrews, which is always slightly obscure. I should use NIV to read it, and think about it a little deeper.

Because I’ve been sick I haven’t had the opportunity to join with the oblates in Sydney in spirit as I was planning. I have been thinking about them, though, and I know I’ve been held in prayer and silence through their day and mine.

My nurse just came in to give me some eye-drops before the Ara-Cstarts, some Maxolon, and more sodium bicarbonate. I begin to slush…

My hair is falling out. Hair on the head, and my beard. I’ll see how much goes, but if I look too patchy I’ll shave the beard off. Or perhaps I won’t need to!

Peter visited this afternoon. He had been to an in-service on lumbar pathologies – he seemed to really enjoy it. He was very tired though, so I sent him home early. He said the dogs binged on chocolate (which was safely put away) yesterday, and then vomited it up, which meant he came home to a mess. They apparently both slept with him last night. He has a first-aid refresher course tomorrow in Moorabbin – I hope that goes well.


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