Hospital – 14 June 2007

Well, I’m back in hospital for cycle 3A. That’s a cyclophosphamide, dexamethasone, vincristine and doxyrubicin cycle. At the moment I’m having my magnesium and potassium pre-hydration, having had my PICC line dressed. I’m in bed 10C, which doesn’t have much of a view. Air conditioning pipes and plant. But I’ve had a decent view for all of my other admissions, so it seems churlish to complain about that!

There was excitement at home yesterday, when our new kitchen bench was installed. Like the vast majority of renovations, this one came courtesy of my father – it is a rather splendid construction of cypress and Norfolk Island pine. There is a grand nook in which to store things like the phone, router, Airport Express and such things. It led to a reorganisation of the area, which has made things less cluttered, and consequently cleaner and tidier. Dad did a terrific job on it. He came over with two of my uncles, Noel and Peter, to put it in. They also finished off the roof above the deck, repaired the door-stoop and did a minor plumbing job. All in all – a worthy few hours work. I wonder how I managed to miss out on the handyperson genes?!

Our old electric stove has been removed. It took 10 minutes and almost no labour – I think I could have done it myself! The electrician who came to do it is being paid in massage treatments. However, it was a small job and as he took the new circuit breaker from the electric stove socket in the meter-box, I think the number of massage treatments that should be rendered is quite small.

I’m intending, in this admission, to re-read Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard – he is one of my favourite authors. I think it is a terrific book, and as I feel somewhat dry spiritually at the moment I’m hoping it will give me a bit of a kick-start.

On Tuesday I went to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital to have my eye reviewed. I’d had, at couple of weeks ago, a small haemorrhage into the eye, affecting my eyesight significantly at the time. It has since got quite a bit better, and continues to improve. The specialist said everything was progressing in the right direction, which is good I guess. I go back again in a couple of months.

This weekend in Melbourne sees the Anglican diocesan synod. It is the first with the new(ish) archbishop – Phillip Freier. Archbishop Freier’s synod sermon is focussed around the need to cultivate a deep and living relationship with God, and from that place go into the world to make God known, and to be the ministering hand of God in the world. One sentence especially resonates: “We must not be content to be mediocre or amateur Christians.” Indeed, we must not. It is my prayer that we, the Anglican community in the place where I live, might take this seriously, and grow deeper in maturity. For when we are truly living as Christians, striving to be people of prayer and love for God, then we will be the lights of Christ in the world.


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