Hospital – 15 June 2007

Hospital is dull. Especially when you’re not feeling sick. So at the moment, when the worst I’m suffering from is mild nausea (thanks to a more effective combination of drugs – self advocacy does work at times!) and a headache, then there is lots of time to fill in, and lots of things to notice and be bothered by. Some of these bothersome things are genuinely bothersome – the man in the next bed snoring and the man in the other next bed having his TV on till late at high volume (wouldn’t be so bothersome, probably, if it was not such crappy TV – who wants to listen to The Footy Show for a couple of hours? I don’t even watch the silly thing). Others are just how things are, really, such as the coldish soup, warmish cold drinks, and having to pee into a urinal.

Margaret, the nurse from night shift yesterday was wonderful – quiet, discreet, caring without being intrusive and very keen to ensure I got enough rest. And Pinella and Hayley today have been good too. I was also very well examined by Matthew the resident (a hangover, I suspect, of the little omission of a couple of weeks ago). I haven’t seen my consultant yet, (I have now!) but I have seen the registrar and the consultant on ward service.

I don’t have a phone next to my bed, which makes it quiet, but difficult for people to contact me. I’ve asked a couple of times, but haven’t yet got one. Never mind – I’m not expecting many calls.

My care at home, once again in the tender mercies of the Royal District Nursing Service, has been organised, and I have the supplies and referrals.

Not much else has happened, and because I don’t watch the TV and can’t listen to the radio, I haven’t caught up with what is happening in the outside world – all I know is that the view from my window suggest that it is cold and foggy outside. There hasn’t been much sun all day.

I have a few movies to watch on my computer, and some episodes of Lost and Doctor Who, as well as, I recall, some episodes of the new series of Battlestar Galactica if I wished to do so. I’ve been saving the Doctor Who for when Peter and I can watch them together – there’s 5 episodes now, and will be 6 when I get home and reconnect to the internet (the episodes come to me via mysterious means!). Thinking of Doctor Who, it comes back onto the ABC in Australia on Thursday 28 June, and then in a regular schedule from Saturday 30 June. Be sure, those of you who are so inclined and are in the right country, to tune in.

I spent some time reading Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard today. I’m only up to chapter one, but have been struck, again, by Willard’s emphasis on biblical truths. Specifically, and confrontingly, in chapter 1 he emphasises the role of the waywardness of the human heart, the extent of sin, and choice – the extent to which we have choice over the things we do that are wrong. It is on the basis of accepting that I make choices (affected by the wayward nature of my heart, a condition common to all of humanity) that are wrong, and sinful, that becomes the place where I can accept the healing and forgiveness God offers.


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