Not much is happening… a miscellaneous type of post


I’m still out of hospital, but I go back in on 5 July. I expect to be out on 9 July. My health is generally good, except I have some nausea, which is a bit unexpected. I had day 11 vincristine on Tuesday 26 June (which was actually day 13), and a review with my oncologist, David Ritchie. All seems to be going well. I have pre-admission rituximab on Tuesday 3 July.

Peter and I (well, more me) have been excitedly watching the last few episodes of this season (season 3) of Doctor Who. There are some terrific stories – Human Nature/Family of Blood is wonderful, as is the almost flawless Blink. The last three stories form an arc. We’ve seen the first, Utopia (the picture above is from that story), but are waiting until both of the final episodes are available. And don’t forget, Australian viewers, that Doctor Who returns tonight at 8.30 AEST, and then the season proper starts on Saturday 30 June.

All else seems to be progressing much as it should be. We went to Dandenong today so that Peter could have an exercise ECG. It showed all was normal, which is great. The funny thing was that the place where the clinic was located also hosted a certain well-known clinic specialising in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. I couldn’t help wondering, of the maybe six other men in the waiting room, which were there for heart check-ups and which for erectile dysfunction or similar problems (premature ejaculation and so on). Good on them for doing something about it.

We’ve recently made wholesale changes to the suppliers of our various information and communications technology products. We’ve changed our mobiles over to Virgin Mobile, our broadband supplier to Chilli, and our home and business phones to Southern Phone Company. As with anything, the changeover wasn’t hassle-free, but hopefully will result in lower costs.

Peter is about to get a new mobile EFTPOS machine for his practice, one which he can cart around with him to various locations. That will be good, and given the projected changes in the current arrangements at Leongatha, will also save money whilst keeping a better track on income and expenses. He’s been doing a lot of gardening lately – we have heaps of plants, but it is too cold to really do any in-the-ground gardening. However, when Spring comes we’ll have a lush paradise!

The dogs are good. We were out today for a while, and Biff (I presume, he’s usually the troublemaker) ate an entire 500g of butter. He will be very glossy if he manages not to die from hyperlipidaemia. Molly has taken, with the colder weather, to sleeping longer in the mornings, not generally getting up till well after 10am. The not-our cats are well. The younger one has become very friendly and pat-able as opposed to clawing at you when you try to pat it. So, as a reward, I made a cat bed for it.

Peter is currently listening to Barbie Girl by Aqua (remember that?) and watching videos on You Tube. You Tube is a splendid way to waste lots of time if you’re so inclined. It has lots of videos from lots of sources. Some of it is of dubious value, others are funny, some is uplifting. If you’re into nostalgia you can find no end of things to entertain. I’d say you’d need a broadband connection to enjoy it as dial up would be very painful. The videos are set to stream, and not to download, but a Firefox add-on such as Videodownloader will let you save them easily.


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