I’m out of hospital. I was discharged yesterday at about 8.45am, caught the train to Frankston, then Peter picked me up. I need a few bags of blood tomorrow, which I’ll have at Rosebud, but I’m finished chemotherapy! So now I have a rest until the stem cell transplant is scheduled. My time in hospital was about the same as normal – not restful. I ran a low grade fever because of the cytarabine, and got nauseated by the methotrexate. My PICC was blocked on admission, and I was amazed and horrified to discover that the stuff used to unblock it, alteplase, is so fiendishly expensive. By my reckoning in excess of $10,000 has been spent on it just to keep my PICC functioning.

I lodged my tax return today, electronically. It is quicker and easier. Not fun, but then dealings with the tax office rarely are.


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