Bouncing ball


What an eventfully uneventful life I’m leading…

I came out of hospital on 9 July, and spent the time up until 19 July having blood transfusions as an outpatient, mostly. Really. I did. However, around Monday 16 July I started to get a bit poorly. Not a lot, just a bit. A slight cough for a few days, then a sore throat on the Tuesday. A head cold by Wednesday. By the Thursday night , however, I had a temperature of 40 degrees (104 for you fahrenheit inclined people). And that means hospital. So at 10.30pm on the Thursday we went to the emergency department at Rosebud Hospital. Examined, had some blood drawn and was given some antibiotics, then sat there till 2am, when I was transferred to Frankston Hospital emergency department. Examined, blood drawn, more antibiotics. I was told at 11am on Friday that they didn’t want to keep me, and would be transferring me to Peter Mac, which I’d hoped to avoid (because it is so far from home, and leads to me having no visitors). I didn’t avoid it, and by 1.30pm on Friday I was in Ward 2, room 6 at Peter Mac, having blood tests, sputum tests, urine tests and antibiotics. And no food (my choice). I’m grateful for the careful attention of my doctors, especially Matthew, and nurses.

No locus of infection was found, but it may have been sterilized by the time I got to Peter Mac, or it may have been viral. My temperature was normal by Saturday morning, and I was discharged on oral antibiotics on Monday afternoon. My blood counts have recovered somewhat, so I’m not so likely to need a blood transfusion.

I had a meeting yesterday with someone from Centrelink (the ‘business name’ of the Department of Social Security), who informed me I’d have to have an assessment of my capacity to work. That was fun.

Mum, who has once again saved the day, has been staying, and we went for lunch at Heronswood, a historic homestead and garden in Dromana (the picture is of the house and a little of the garden). It was a cold day, so we didn’t wander around, but lunch was nice.

Peter had a catering job on the weekend – finger food for about 80 people. He enjoyed it, and so did they, by all accounts. It went well.

Apart from that, life continues on.


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