Counts recovered


My blood counts have recovered after my last chemotherapy treatment, so I’m no longer in imminent danger of suffocating because of anaemia, bleeding out because of thrombocytopenia, or becoming septic because of neutropenia.

I’m feeling better – tired from time to time, but better than I have been. It appears that my last admission to hospital was caused by respiratory syncytial virus. Mostly gone now – just a slight cough and a runny nose. Peter has been in Leongatha for the last few days, working and sick. He got a cold while he was over there, before my counts recovered, so took the opportunity to be in quarantine! He stayed with my Dad, who apparently found it difficult to find appropriate foods to feed him. Peter is much less fussy than I am as far as food is concerned, so it shouldn’t have been too hard!

Not much else is happening – I’m doing as I’m told by the Department of Social Security, which means filling in lots of forms.

We might go to see the new Harry Potter film today or tomorrow – probably tomorrow. That will be good. I bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for Peter on Thursday – I wonder how far he’s got!

A friend is bringing over a fish today for us to bake – that will be nice!


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