Oh no…


My stem cell transplant admission has been scheduled for 29 August, which is about two weeks away. I have a PET scan, dental examination, and respiratory function test in two days.

This will be fun. (Not.)

On the subject of things in the category of ‘not fun’ and inclined to make you feel like the man (above) tied to a chair (it is a still from a film, by the way, not a real person being tortured), I had my job capacity assessment yesterday.

The poor assessor was, I think, very perturbed about having to do the thing. As per policy, she didn’t open the envelope with my medical reports until I entered the room. And there was this look of dawning horror on her face as she read it. She said her report would be positive (which means that she would indicate that in her opinion I meet the criteria for a disability support pension). I’m grateful for her professionalism and compassion.


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