Not many days to go


There are four clear days until I go into hospital.

Yesterday I went to Peter Mac and had a dental examination – routine before stem cell transplants. As expected, I need to have an extraction – and I need to have it before I go into hospital. Which is almost impossible to arrange. The dentists I spoke to today don’t consider it urgent enough to make time for me, although the dental specialist at Peter Mac considers it most urgent.

I also went to St Vincent’s Hospital to have some lung function tests. My lung function is … equivocal after having the chemotherapy. I show signs, apparently, of still being anaemic (something to do with the alveolar volume), and there are some other slight abnormalities. Nothing much to worry about, I’m told.

On Wednesday 22 August, our dogs, Biff and Molly, caught and killed a fox. Poor fox. However, being a farm boy, I remind myself that they’re essentially verminous, and don’t feel too bad about it. I think it must have been living under the house.

During the day, though, Molly managed to get a deep laceration in her chest wall – evidently down to the sternum. We’re not sure how she managed to get it, but it resulted in a trip to the vet, a general anaesthetic, some sutures, and now 2 weeks of antibiotics. She was tottery on her legs yesterday, but seems fine today.

On Sunday 19th, I had a nice dinner with Hans and Ruth. It was very pleasant to spend the time with friends before the horrendoplasty to come!


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