Quiet day


This cheerful fellow is Bodhidharma, who is credited with bringing the Buddha-dharma to China.

After a few busy days I’m at home alone, with a sore mouth (dental work from Tuesday), pondering things. No special pondering, just thinking about life, the universe and everything.

A few things, though…

I wanted to write about how much of a blessing my partnership with Peter is. I derive such comfort, togetherness, challenge, love and support from it. It is no exaggeration to say that without him, and without the love and support of my parents and a few others, I would be in a deep dark place today, I suspect. I sometimes fear that I give Peter less than he needs. He is good at emotional expression, I’m not, though I think I have learned to be better. One of the things about relationship, I’ve found, is that it knocks the rough edges off if you let it. That can be a painful process, but it is ultimately vital to growth as a person. The other thing is that in Peter’s love for me, acceptance and forgiveness, I see the love, acceptance and forgiveness of God, very powerfully. All of this makes me wonder about the rightness of a position, intellectual, theological, moral, ethical or otherwise, that says that our relationship is wrong. Isn’t this how they should be?

During this time of my illness, especially, my parents have been rocks of support. Picking up the pieces when no-one else could or would, and making a thousand things, little or big, easier or even possible. They are beautiful, loving and giving people. Peter’s mum, too, has been a source of great strength, telephoning and checking how I am when Peter is away, sending helpful little somethings, listening and encouraging.

I wanted to write, too, about the torment in the Anglican Communion. The battle lines are clearly drawn, and it seems to me, from what I read (though it must be noted that although I read stuff from both sides of the debate, it is hard to find a neutral but informed position), that some sort of realignment within the Communion is likely. I don’t know what effect that will have on Australia. I guess it will remain to be seen. What is terribly disappointing is the lack, I feel, of loving care for one another in the debate. Christendom is not good at sorting these things out, and has a nasty history of doing great violence and damage to those who disagree.

Peter starts his new job on Monday – I really hope he likes it and finds it fulfilling. He deserves that.

(Why a picture of Bodhidharma? Well, I like it, for a start. Also because I relate to the stories about him being a difficult man who nonetheless sought enlightenment. I find it much easier to relate to saintly figures who are human, and who like me have doubts, uncertainties, personality flaws, and make mistakes.)


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