Sunny Sunday, Fathers’ Day


It’s a lovely sunny Sunday here in Rye. The sun is shining, birds are singing, dogs are sleeping, a light wind is rustling the trees. If I didn’t have a sore mouth I’d probably appreciate it more. I went to my general practitioner (=physician for those in the US) yesterday, and he sent me home with some amoxicillin with clavulanic acid tablets to treat any infection – likely, as I had a fever and a swollen face as well as pain. I find all sorts of pain quite tolerable, and don’t generally hit the analgesic cupboard too hard, but dental pain is another thing. Even mild pain drives me to distraction, so I’ve been dosing up on paracetamol (=acetaminophen for those of you in the US), and ibuprofen. I wish I had some of the cocaine toothache drops advertised above – they no doubt worked a treat! I’ll go back to the dentist tomorrow morning to let him have a look at it. If it is infected then my admission date will probably be put back again.

Today is also Fathers’ Day (at least here it is). I couldn’t get to see my Dad today, which I’m sorry about. I phoned him, and it sounds as though he’s having a good day in the sun.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear yesterday that I’d been granted a disability support pension by Centrelink. It will make things much easier.


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