Tomorrow is admission day (day -7).

From 7.30am I need to fast, so I can take a barium preparation for a CT scan at 3pm. Then I’ll have a new PICC line inserted. Then up to the ward. Friday 7th sees the first day of the oral chemotherapy conditioning agent, busulfan. All being well, I’ll continue on that until Monday 10th (day -3). On Tuesday 11th I’ll have the intravenous chemotherapy conditioning agent, melphalan. Wednesday 12th is a rest day. On Thursday, day zero, my previously frozen stem cells will be reinfused. And I’ll wait round in hospital, then, until about day +15 (around 28 September), when hopefully my counts will have recovered. For those interested, the protocol as a PDF is available. There may be blow by blow updates as it happens if I can make the technology work, but don’t count on it!

Tonight Mum and I went for dinner with two of my aunts, Dian (Mum’s sister), and Heather (another of Mum’s sister), my grandmother Irene, and my uncle, Vince (Heather’s husband). We had dinner at the Rosebud RSL. The menu was not high on choice, and it was expensive, but the food was pretty good. It was good to see Dian again – I’ve not seen her since Brian died in 2005.

Peter started his new job on Monday – it has (as expected) been very quiet, but otherwise good. We’re signing the City of Melbourne Relationship Declaration Register on 28 October.

My packing is done, the organisation is as organised as I can make it. Everything else will just have to hang together!


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