Hospital Day -2

I came into hospital a few days ago to begin chemotherapy for the stem cell transplant. It hasn’t been too bad, all things considered. Day -7 was just spent having tests and a new PICC line inserted. Day -6 was the first day of chemo. I also had a cardiac function test. Because the oral chemotherapy agent, busulfan, can lower the seizure threshold, I was also on clonazepam, which made me pretty dopey for the day. I got out of the ward in the afternoon. Day -5 was just chemo and clonazepam. I spent quite a bit of time out of the ward, and Peter came to visit. We went to see his Mum in Sunshine. It was lovely to see him, and the dogs. Back here in the evening, which was a bit low. Day -4, Sunday, was much the same, except this time I went to the morning Eucharist in the chapel, and spent time out in the afternoon with my mother and father, who had come to visit. Day -3 was more of the same. No visitors. I went into the city in the afternoon, but it was wet and a little cold, and I felt lonely. I came back to the hospital to find that my bed had been stripped and I was in a new room. Today is Day -2. I have intravenous chemotherapy – melphalan. That involves 3 hours of pre-hydration and 14 hours of post-hydration. Tomorrow is a rest day.

As I said, it hasn’t been as bad as I’d expected. Because I’ve been able to get out and about, and leave the ward from time-to-time, and because eating has been easier, time has passed more quickly. I’ve only had a little problem with nausea and vomiting – it seems to have eased today.

I am feeling a little lonely. I wish there were more people visiting, or sending messages or something. I’d feel less lonely, I think, if I were able to connect to the internet. But I can’t, so I ‘ll just divert myself as well as I can.


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