Hospital Day +2

Well, the great move happened first thing yesterday morning. Ward 7 is much like Ward 2, except that it is painted a different colour. I’m in a three bed room with the same people as Ward 2.

However, one thing that is different is the bed – it is horrible. Lumpy and thin at the same time. Not nice. So I had a night of disturbed sleep – partly from the mattress, and partly because of nightmares. Weird, weird nightmares. I’m not a huge believer in dream analysis, but if there is anything in it my mind is well occupied with death and disaster.

Peter and Marj are coming for lunch today, which will be good. Peter sounds fairly demoralised – I hate that he has to suffer this as well. After all that has happened he deserves a break. I wish I could diminish the amount of ‘stuff’ he has to do. I did try to – but it seems as though there is still a lot of stuff for him to negotiate – I suppose that is to be expected. He’s still having lots of family drama, too. All slow to resolve stuff.

My doctors tell me that I’m progressing in the right direction. I don’t have much in the way of symptoms of anything much – a bit of diarrhoea, but my mouth is still OK (touch wood), and my counts are slowly spiralling down. The graph I constructed using Excel shows downward trending, which is expected.

Hospital is boring, in the main, briefly interrupted by flurries of activity. A good example is the morning routine, which begins about 0530 with blood taking and measurement of observations. Then at about 0730 we have breakfast. Then a shower. Then the bed is made. The doctors come en masse, examine us and tell us what they think. Then more observations, followed by lunch. By contrast, the afternoons and evenings crawl by. I don’t feel like watching anything, or reading much. I’m listening to a talking book, Dune by Frank Herbert. It’s a good version.


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