Hospital Day +9

My counts have recovered and I have engrafted. Yay.
• Haemoglobin: 93
• White Cells: 2.1
• Platelets: 17
• Neutrophils: 1.81

I feel a bit crap today – not enough sleep, and a vague feeling of unwellness. I had a low-grade temperature overnight, but it seems OK this morning. The duty registrar, Kate, felt that the temperature was due to cell recovery, which seems appropriate to me. I woke up with a headache at about 4am, and drowsed on and off from then until 8am. I’ve been having weird dreams. The one this morning, though, was weird in an entertaining rather than disturbing way. My hair is dropping out, starting with my beard. I think I should get rid of it before it decays away into nothingness. More platelets today, apparently. I probably burned some of them (yesterday’s infusion) up with the low grade temperature.

Home on Monday or Tuesday, all going to plan!


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