We’re having a Federal election campaign in Australia.


The issues that resonate with me are:

Industrial relations – we need a fair and equitable system that works for employees and employers. It should recognise that, as a general principle, employees are in a less powerful position than employers. So, I say ‘no’ to WorkChoices.

Health – we need health policy that adequately resources the public health sector, and addresses issues in the system. We also need to focus on helping deal with lifestyle issues that cause acute and chronic disease.

Education – we need to ensure our public education sector is strong, vibrant, and geared to providing the best outcomes, individualised for each participant.

Utopian, aren’t I!

They are the big issues. There are others that are important to me, of course, such as policies directed to supporting and renewing the Indigenous community, domestic and international security (such as the Iraq war), and the economy – especially equity.

If you’re so moved, you might like to visit the websites of the major political parties (listed in order by the number of seats they hold in the current Federal Parliament):

Liberal Party of Australia (’Go for Growth’)
Australian Labor Party (’New Leadership) and Kevin ‘07
The National Party of Australia (’Working Hard, Getting Results’)
The Australian Greens (’Take Action, Green Action’)
The Australian Democrats (’Bring Back Balance’)

There are other parties contesting the election, of course. There are two in particular that I consider socially dangerous, repressive, and reactionary: Family First and the Democratic Labor Party. I won’t provide you with weblinks for them. If you want to find out about them, search Google. Vote for them if you like, but consider what you’re asking for.


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  1. David said

    Hi Colin,

    Your topic for today reminded me of an interesting thing I found recently. The Australian Christian Lobby worries me somewhat for a number of reasons, but they published this interesting selection of views from major and minor parties.


    They supplied each party with a range of questions on a variety of topics, and published their answers on the site. It’s an at times interesting list of various parties’ positions on things, and enlightens (not always happily if you ask me) one on the ACL’s positions on things too. It also identifies the areas where Liberal and Labor aren’t prepared to commit to a position.

    Good news on the continued recovery; I hope the rash is managed successfully.

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