Election day tomorrow


Well, it is the Federal Election tomorrow. Voting is compulsory for all over 18 in Australia, so people will be attending polling places all over Australia.

In my opinion the campaign so far has been uninspiring. There hasn’t been a focus on ‘big picture’ policy – what sort of nation will we be? – rather a collection of policies that are seemingly designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Sad.

I don’t know whether there is a mood for change in the electorate. I’m hoping, personally, that there is, as I think that Australia can ill-afford another term of a conservative government – the most vulnerable in our society will be trampled underfoot in a headlong rush towards some sort of economic utopia. I find it sad, however, that the Labor alternative is so focussed on minimising difference, and so risk-averse. My hope is that we will see a change of government, and a move in the Senate to return the balance of power to the cross-benches (which will hopefully not include an increase in representation for the so-called ‘family friendly’ parties such as Family First, the Democratic Labor Party or the Christian Democrats).

On the subject of the Christian Democrats – this is worth a read. It gives the reaction of one Christian to the checklist of so-called ‘Christian’ values being promoted by the Christian Democrats in NSW. You can read a fuller response here (PDF).

If you haven’t decided who you’ll vote for yet, I’d suggest that it is important to consider which party you think will best provide for the needs of the whole nation. Try to consider factors beyond your own situation. Remember that those who are most needy and vulnerable need you to consider them, too.


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