Cute, yes. Stomach ulcer inducing, yes.

Biff the German Shorthaired Pointer escaped from the yard today. Very stealthily and quietly. I was at home working, and might not have noticed except that the other dog, Molly, came in whimpering.

No Biff in the yard. No Biff in the street. Drove round. No Biff anywhere. Drove round some more. No Biff.

Rang the Council, to ask if Biff had been put in Dog Prison. No, he hadn’t succumbed to the charms of the Ranger. Rang the Vet – has Biff been handed in? Ah no, but a woman rang about him. Here’s her number. Rang the number, she’s not home. She rang back later and let me know Biff was there, and I went round to collect him.

From whence did he escape? Who knows. I can’t find the spot. However, the upshot is, he only gets supervised yard time for a while, until I can find the escape route!

Thank you, Karen, for looking after Biff!


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