Doctors back call for circumcision ban


From the ABC’s website:

The Australian Medical Association has backed a call for laws banning the non-essential circumcision of infant boys.

The Tasmanian Children’s Commissioner, Paul Mason, says non-medical circumcision is a breach of human rights.

The AMA’s Tasmanian President, Haydn Walters, says they would support a ban on the practice, except where there are medical or religious reasons.

He says there is only rarely a medical need to carry out the procedure.

“There were quite a lot of folk myths around the advantages of circumcision. They’ve almost all been debunked,” Prof Walters said.

“There are some minimal advantages in some circumstances, particularly in some infectious diseases, but they’re overwhelmingly balanced by disadvantages in other areas,” he said.



  1. Isn’t that the most horrible picture? :(

    Children need to be protected from this.


  2. Hadley said

    That photo is nauseating. I’m so glad to see SOME countries are becoming smart enough to protect their children from this atrocity. Perhaps the US will follow with a similar bill in time.

  3. O_o said

    US will not change this. Whats the big deal honesly ? Its only a circumcision its not genital mutilation. IF you think it is than type in a google search for genital mutation and see whats comes up. Your pretty stupid if you think theres a problem with being circumcised. In USA almost every male citizen is. Women dont seem to think theres a problem during sex. So why the **** change it.

  4. 9_9 said

    Exactly. “So why the **** change it.”

    ALL Human males are born with foreskins, so why the **** would you remove it? It’s not a birth defect. The second regenerative medicine becomes available I’m growing mine back. (The real one, not skin tugging.)

  5. cthornby said

    There’s a comment in response to O_o’s at the new blog-space:

  6. Mike Fader said

    Only in the name of religion could an adult pretend that her or his obscene desire to manipulate and mutilate an infant’s gentitals are in some way healthy, legal, and motivated by the best interests of the non-consenting child.

    Foot binding anyone ?

  7. jv said

    i got my son cicumsize so he will not get infections, there is nothing wrong with it. my friends son is 5 and he needs to get one because he always gets infections it is worse when they are older.

  8. flanders said

    I was traumatised by my forskin it was tight I spent years mutilating it and then got it removed it should have been done earlier but I tough it would be painfull and thought god has given me this thing one day I woke and found a doctor to remove this peice of tissue and found a different world I should have done long ago do not beleive there is no pain it is antiquated left over skin that needs to be dissposed of I would net let my son go with out being circumcised

  9. Johnny said

    Mutilation? WOW! Seriously? It is NOT mutilation. The penis works perfect when it is circumcised. It IS cleaner, no matter what anyone says. Imagine all the bacteria growing in your childrens foreskin, because they cannot retract it for 8 or 10 years, sometimes even longer! I can’t have my children go through that. I have two sons and a daughter, their mum and I decided it would be best for them. They are perfect children, complete. Foreskin SERVES NO PURPOSE! I got circed at 19 because I had many complications with my foreskin! Doctors in Australia did not want to do anything (This was like 5 years ago, until I went to Sydney and got care of it! Seems like larger wester cities still perform routine circumcision, and especially in the suburbs where most upper-middle class families live and know the advantages. I would not let my children suffer because some Tasmanian backward men think differently. We are now seeing the effects of that generation that does not circumcise…circumcision is therefore necessary later in life, infections and phimosis are the trend now, and STI rates are higher than ever! HIV/AIDS is growing thanks to this generation and what can we do about it? Circumcision is a natural and safe practice! I lost no sensitivity, do not go with those FOLK MYTHS! Trust WHO (World Health Organization) and UNAIDS, they highly recommend circumcision..and not some nuts from Tasmania!

  10. 包皮輪が狭くて亀頭を露出できない状態を真性包茎といいます。仮性包茎であれば手で皮をめくれるし、洗って清潔に出来るので問題ないのですが、真性包茎の場合は日常生活やエッチのときなどに不都合が生じるため改善が必要です。一番確実なのはお医者さんに診てもらうことです。泌尿器科であれば保険が適用されますから3割負担で治療できますすし、仕上がりの綺麗さを求めるのであれば美容外科という選択もあります。しかし癒着もなく、ただペニスの先端が狭いだけであれば、手術の必要すらありません。真性包茎を改善する専用グッズを使えば治すことができます。キトー君という真性包茎を治す器具を使って狭い包皮口を広げるトレーニングをしていきます。

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