Here’s an update

Apologies for not posting lately. I’ve been busy!

Health – I have a chest infection that has been lingering around. So I agitated a bit, and finally got some immunoglobulins (thanks, once again, to all of those who donate blood – I had two units, the immunoglobulins of which are derived from 14,000 individual donations). I’m low on them because of the stem cell transplant. They seem to have done the trick.

Christmas – Christmas Day was spent with my mum, dad, nan, Peter, and my aunt and uncle’s family. It was quite pleasant, but of course the notable part was the absence of my brothers – Brian, who died in 2005, David (with his family in Queensland) and Scott (spending time in a cabin in a national park). Peter cooked a lovely feast, but it was a sort of sad day. Christmas Eve – I went to church at St Peter’s in Leongatha. The service itself was nice, lots of singing, but was liturgically a bit odd. The new rector, the Rev’d Janet Wallis, preached very well. The music was lovely, and was notably different (=better) to that in my home parish.

Homes – we’ve bought a new house, in Korumburra. An 80-odd year old Californian bungalow. Lovely garden, nice yard. House needs a bit of work. The rub is that we’re still waiting for Peter’s brother, Andrew, to finalise his finance for the sale to go through. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Tis about all!


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