The Doctor is back. With a budgie. (A review of sorts)


Well, the Doctor returned in the Doctor Who Christmas special – Voyage of the Damned.

By the magic of the internet I temporarily possessed a file which allowed Peter and I to watch it. Fear not, gentle reader – I deleted the file after watching it, and will buy the DVD when it comes out.

London is preparing itself for Christmas. Not unreasonably, given the horrible events of the previous two Christmases the population of London has fled, and it is deserted. The Doctor (David Tennant) arrives on a ship called The Titanic. Turns out this is a space ship, doomed of course. In the end the Doctor saves the day, aided by (temporary) companion, Astrid (Kylie Minogue).

This isn’t the finest piece of Doctor Who ever produced, in my humble opinion, but it is entertaining enough. It is easy to watch, the performances are generally good to very good, and the production values very high. The signature tune has been re-arranged into something a tad more ‘rocky’ – the internet is full of debate about whether it is good or bad, whether it goes with the (unchanged) title sequence or not, and there is universal horror over the ending credits, which comply with the BBC’s new guidelines (they’re 30 seconds long, and are set up in a way which lends them to being ‘shrunk’, to allow previews and voiceovers). I didn’t mind the re-arranged signature tune. It isn’t offensive, just different. I quite like the original, and Peter Howell’s version, but I’m prepared to find the good in most things!

All in all, an enjoyable bit of TV. And the budgie was quite OK. Whether or not Catherine Tate’s go as the companion is as tolerable, I don’t know…

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