Life of gay people in the church

Richard Kirker. Image from

Richard Kirker has, for the last 30 years, been among the leadership of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement in the Church of England. He’s stepping down soon. New Statesman, profiles the Rev. Richard Kirker and provides some insights into his work at the helm of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.

For the first half of that time, he fought a lonely battle to get church leaders to discuss sexuality. Now it’s hard to get them to talk about anything else, but not in the way he had in mind. Homosexuality is at the centre of a global struggle for the soul of the Anglican Communion, and as gay people are accused of bestiality and demonic possession, the Church seems to have become a repository for the homophobia unacceptable in the rest of society.
If Rowan Williams has issued any rebuke, it has been barely audible until recently. Gay-friendly before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury, he now reserves his chief condemnation for the North American Episcopalians who have elected an openly gay bishop. Many of the archbishop’s former close gay friends have been left reeling by what they call his betrayal.
“The situation is appalling. Life for gay priests is immeasurably worse than when I started doing this job, because of the obsessive scrutiny of those who hate us,” says Kirker, a battle-scarred 56-year-old whose shoestring organisation still numbers no more than 2,000 members. “Many people have given up the fight and left the priesthood. Others do not join it because it’s not worth putting themselves through the indignity of interviews that intrude into personal morality in a way that was once never considered desirable or necessary. It is now official policy to ensure that gay people who don’t give a commitment to celibacy are not selected for ordination.”

Read it here. It isn’t just ordination, either. I’m aware of gay people being refused licences to perform non-stipendiary lay ministry in my diocese because of their ‘lifestyle’.


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  1. adem nicholas said

    i am a gay man but non christian and i have been in a relationship with a christian guy who is not gay, for the last two years he cares alot abot me but is struggling with his christian beliefs. The passage of scripture that concerns him the most is Romans 1:18-2:11. We would like to move forward as a couple but can not do so due to his guilt and feeling seperation from God can you help us on this matter.

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