Health Update

Effects of testosterone on the male body, from Mayo Clinic

Hello Blog,

Apologies for not being in touch before now.

I went to see my oncologist yesterday, for my 2-monthly review. All is on track. I need to stay on antivirals, antifungals, and prophylaxis against pneumocystis pneumonia for another few months yet. The oedema I’ve been suffering, and the tingling when I nod my head or bend forward, are side-effects of high dose chemotherapy. There has been (expected) damage to my testes, so I’m infertile, and I’m low on testosterone. So I’ll begin some testosterone replacement therapy.


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  1. Could you explain more about the oedema? I am interested in knowing how that feels.

    Much Love,

    -Grow Smarter, Grow Faster,!

  2. cthornby said

    Hi. It doesn’t feel like anything, really. Just swelling of the lower legs.


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