It’s been so long, O Blog


Hi Blog

Apologies for the delay posting. Work interferes somewhat with things like that, but here I am, blogging again.

We’ve moved into the house in Korumburra. Korumburra is a small, sleepy town in South Gippsland. It is quite pretty, especially the hills around the town. The street we live on is lined with deciduous trees, and they’re beginning to lose their leaves for the winter. We’ve been quite active houseowners, and have been gardening, painting, putting up fences, cleaning walls (inside and out), cleaning gutters – the list goes on. It’s a good place to live.

The local church is also quiet. It is a beautiful church – very much in the gothic revival tradition of architecture. At the moment there isn’t a parish priest – the last one retired in September and a new one hasn’t yet been appointed. That’s a bit sad. There are three retired priests who are ministering as locums, but the community is showing the signs of being without a leader.

Work is good. I’m surprised that I’ve been here for three months now. It seems to be progressing well. I get tired easily, but I seem to be coping with it OK. I’m beginning to understand the industry, and see where the various bits and pieces, acronyms and abbreviations all fit in.

Doctor Who has begun again in the UK. I haven’t seen the first two episodes, but I’m looking forward to them. I’ll be interested to see how Catherine Tate goes as Donna when there is a sustained role to play.

Biff the Dog and Molly the Dog are well. It is fascinating to see how their personalities have changed since we moved. They seem much more balanced and relaxed. Perhaps that’s just because the routine at home is much more settled now.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Australian Christian Meditation Community’s National Forum, which is being held in Melbourne. Fr Laurence Freeman will be there, as will a lot of other people! I’ll be making my life profession tomorrow afternoon.

Health is OK. I spent yesterday at Peter Mac having intravenous immunoglobulins, rituxamab, and a unit of blood. I have a slew of minor complaints – sinusitis (a course of antibiotics and treatment for allergic rhinitis), diarrhoea (a referral to a gastroenterologist), a fungal patch on my leg (some topical antifungal lotion) and weight loss. Mysteriously, or semi-mysteriously, I’ve lost 5kg in about 3 weeks. That’s certainly partly because I’m doing more incidental exercise and eating better. We’ll see if it continues.

That’s about all!



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