The Total Gift – Meditation as a response to Christ’s Love


On Saturday I went to the Australian National Forum for the Australian Christian Meditation Community. Laurence Freeman is the Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation, and he presented the talks.

He spoke about the nature of Christ’s love, and how, through Christian meditation, we respond and are formed. It was a lovely day. I’d guess that the talks will be out on CD soon.

Christian meditation is a great gift to me. It is a way of contemplative prayer that is nurturing and supportive. I think particularly important is the sense of community engendered by participation in the world community of meditators. I was touched by this, particularly, as I made my life profession on Saturday. It was a privilege to be surrounded by other oblates who are also called to this as a life path. The feeling of love, care and joy was overwhelming.


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  1. I am a great fan of Brother Laurence and his ministry of Christian meditation. It was meditation integrated with the Scriptures that helped me overcome years of depression. I now teach Biblcial meditation and have produced over 23 Christ-centered meditation Cds. I am so glad to see more Christians embracing meditation and incorporating it in their daily lives. The benefits are numerous. Please visit my website at

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