Hospital Day Zero

Today was the day for stem cell reinfusion. Yesterday, day -1, was a rest day. I had lunch with Mum and Marj – it was a lovely lunch, and great to get out of the hospital. The day wasn’t wonderfully sunny or anything, but it was a nice time.

The reinfusion itself is very easily done. Just like having a short blood transfusion. The whole thing only took about half an hour, but the day was lost because of the premedications. I was dosed with phenergan, lorazepam and some other drugs, and got quite drowsy. So from 9.30am till now, 7pm, I’ve been drowsing. All seems to be going in the right direction though. My cell counts are staying reasonably consistent, though they will fall. My mouth is OK, and so is my gut. So, provided all stays positive, I should be able to have day leave for the next few days.

There has been an outbreak of vancomycin resistant enterococcus on the ward, again. I’m taking my protective yoghurt (yes, I’m a believer), and enjoying resistance to the resistant organism. However, it seems that there is an environmental reservoir of the enterococci, so the whole ward is to be cleaned. As many patients as possible have been discharged, but there remain those of us who are not dischargeable (sadly!). We were to be moved to another ward today, so our ward could be cleaned. After much planning and packing, we didn’t move. Tomorrow morning will apparently be the day.

The ward staff had ordered some pizza, and shared it with me. It was VERY tasty. Yum. I needed something a bit interesting and tasty to eat after the lunch and dinner options. Best take it while you can get it, I think!


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